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Case Studies

National Trust select FloodBlock to prevent flooding

FloodBlock barriers are used by the National Trust to protect the Knoll Beach Cafe at Studland Beach from flooding....

FloodBlock protects business from tidal flooding

FloodBlock is secure when deployed, vandal proof and not adversely affected by strong winds when in place.

Floodstop barrier installed by Jackson Civils during works

The cost of deploying Floodstop for the 60-metres lengths of protection was far less expensive than other methods. This...

Floodstop temporary flood defences save household

We worked with Mr Hancock in 2014 when he had perceived a surface water flood risk at his domestic...

Wilton Flood Defences put to the test

Following the flooding the Environment Agency started a joint project with Wilton Town Council, Wiltshire Council and the local...

St Asaph flood defence barriers put up in city

The barriers are left in place over the winter months on the crest of the river bank. The deployed...

Floodstop flood defences – Isle of Man

A dummy run of a new flood defence barrier in Castletown went well, said the town’s MHK, Richard Ronan....

Floodstop protects Historic Mayflower Steps

Plymouth council have procured a significant quanitity of Floodstop flood defences to rapidly protect the historic Mayflower Steps.

Floodstop flood barrier deployed to Protect Danish Harbour

A large demonstration of the Floodstop flood defence barrier in Denmark. 180 metres of the 0.5m high Floodstop can...

Canterbury Council Deploy Floodstop Flood Defence Barrier

Canterbury City Council carried out a training exercise to rapidly protect a number of properties from river flooding in...

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