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Why Choose Our Fabric Water Dams?

Here are just some of the benefits of our products

Quick To Deploy

Simply roll out, Self inflating system

Cost Effective

Used around the world for water diversion

Easy To Store

Minimal storage required

Product Information


Our Pop Up temporary flood barriers use the weight of the water to divert flows.   Perfect for flood water diversion, pollution control or river works.  Simply roll out the flood barrier and when the flood waters hit the barrier it will rise automatically via the top leading edge.  The water will weigh down the base of the barrier which will create a seal with the ground terrain.

The barrier can be deployed in minutes and doesn’t require any power source or pre-inflations.

Our fabric water dams are available in three heights. 0.5 metre, 0.7 metre and 1.0 metre high. We can provide in a number of lengths. These lengths can be easily and quickly joined via a velcro fastening system. Enabling a flood barrier over any size to be deployed.

Ideal for emergency situations, when running water (such as burst water pipes) needs to be diverted away from assets quickly.

Key Benefits & Applications

  • Quick and easy to deploy – just roll out and it self deploys

  • Minimal Storage

  • Uses the weight of the water to keep in place

  • Durable - manufactured from polyethelene fabric

  • Can drive over the barrier when deployed

  • Easily join flood barrier sections

  • Corner sections available for 90 degree turns


  • Roll out and pop up flood barrier

  • Rapid flood water diversion for businesses and households

  • Easily dam streams for pollution control or river works

  • Chemical spill containment

  • Water diversion for drainage and burst water pipes

Let us help you protect your home or business from flooding...

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