Company Update – September 2021

2021 has proved to be a challenging year. Like every company we have seen considerable volatility in our supply chain.  This is especially true in raw material pricing and haulage.

Against this challenging backdrop, we are pleased to report that we are on for the busiest and most successful year in our history.

We have increased sales in the UK, Europe and Asia considerably.  To protect our customers, where possible, we have insulated our end customers from the raw materials price increases on nearly all occasions.  Ensuring pricing remains as low as possible.  Our priority is to offer functional, cost-effective flood barriers to all.

Customers we have supplied in 2021 include West Power Utilities, BAE Systems, Sanofi, UK Councils and many home and business owners.

Please contact us if you would like a quotation or details on any of our flood barrier systems.

Fluvial Innovations Team

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