Flood Barriers Protecting National Grid Stations

A paper submitted by National Grid USA and GZA detailing the use of Floodstop to protect at risk electrical substations from flooding was selected as one of the Best Conference Papers submitted to the 2017 Power & Energy Society General Meeting.


Comments by one of the judges (Xcel Energy) said “the paper illustrated great depth of research of knowledge developed on the subject, and clearly and concisely communicated several key aspects in a useful and practical way.”


Floodstop was selected for the flood protection at a number of locations due to a number of advantages. These include:


  • Minimal manpower and equipment required for activation during a flood
  • Quick and easy removal of the barriers incase substation emergency works are required


TO VIEW THE FLOOD HARDENING REPORT: IEEE GM 2017 Conf Paper – Substation Flood Resilience

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