Floodstop flood barrier deployments during UK tidal surge

Last week saw flooding throughout the east coast of England.  Thousands of people were evacuated due to flood warnings in Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex.  Properties and locations in the Yorkshire also suffered flooding.

Many of our customers, including (but not limited to) the utility companies British Telecom, Southern Water and Yorkshire Water deployed their reserves of Floodstop flood barriers to flood protect critical sites along the coast.  The image below shows our 0.9m Floodstop systems deployed to protect a sewage pumping station on Endeavour Wharf in Whitby.


Floodstop is robust – tidal and wind resistant.  Once deployed you can be safe in the knowledge a flood defence measure has been deployed that is difficult for prying hands to remove.

Luckily the predicted tidal flooding was not as extreme as expected due to a last minute wind change.  The flooding was caused by a tidal surge.  A tidal surge is caused by a combination of high tides and strong winds.

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