Aberdeenshire live exercise with flood defences

Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire have been successfully deploying Floodstop flood barriers since their first procurement in 2010.  The council have since purchased a number of batches to increase their reactiveness to mitigate against flooding at a number of locations in the town.

On November 24th the council shut a number of roads  so that they could carry out a live training exercise.

“The council said the project was an opportunity to train front line staff, who would be called on to deploy the defences in the event of a flood, and also to check the condition of equipment.  Last night the council’s projects manager for flood and coastal management, Gavin Penman, said: “Today’s exercise to deploy the flood barriers in Stonehaven went very well indeed.

“All those involved found it useful and many lessons were learned, issues were raised and solutions were found.”

Conservative councillor for Stonehaven and District, Wendy Agnew, said: “I think it always helps to keep up to scratch so they know where to be and what to do.  “I don’t think as far as I know anybody had a problem with it, I think people appreciate we are doing things just to make sure that things are maybe better organised on the day if it does happen again. We don’t want it to, of course.”


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