Flood barriers that allow SIMPLE wall connection

Unlike other flood barrier systems available, both Floodstop and FloodBlock™ can be easily connected and sealed to a vertical surface. We do this by using specialised industrial gaskets and applying pressure using the weight of water. If you need to connect a barrier to a driveway pillar, or to the side of a building we have it covered. The connection method is simple and fast with no bolting required.

In the photo below you can see a simple U shape which has been assembled using Floodstop. There is no fixing to the ground whatsoever, the system is simply free-standing. In this image half of the Floodstop units automatically self-fill with the rising flood waters.

In this scenario the flood barrier is holding back 2,000kg of water – that’s 2 tonnes of water!

Please visit our ‘See it in action’ page if you would like to see a video of this deployment.



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