Floodstop Deployment shown on USA News Report

Source: ABC News

With heavy rain in the forecast for Friday, San Francisco officials are taking a new approach to prevent flood damage. Floodstop flood barriers have been put up in a neighborhood previously overrun by water. The city is so concerned about flash floods, City crews install temporary flood barriers. The red and white plastic barriers line businesses and homes along two blocks of the Mission District near 17th and Folsom streets.

The pilot project aims to protect a low-lying area that often floods in heavy rain when sewers and storm drains overflow. “They come apart and so we have people here that can remove different pieces and stick them back in and so we will have staff on site at all times to help people with that and right now people can get in and out. It’s just during those periods of intense, intense rain that we will want to make that water tight seal,” San Francisco Public Utilities Commission spokesperson Jean Walsh said.

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