San Francisco – Floodstop flood barrier supply

Presray Corporation supplied the 0.9m high Floodstop barrier to a public body customer in San Francisco.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

The flood defences at 17th and Folsom were designed in the United Kingdom and look like the K-Rail traffic blockades used at construction sites. The red-and-white plastic barricades weigh about 700 pounds when filled with water and are linked together to form a fence. At 30 inches high, they can block water running more than 2 feet deep.

In a demonstration video Harrison recorded on his cell phone, water is dumped from a truck and begins to pool in front of the barriers. The water level rises, but only a trickle escapes to the other side.

“Oh, that’s good,” Harrison said in the video, zooming in on the barricades. “I’d say, 98 to 99.5 percent (effective). That is impressive. It looks like it’s going to work.”

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