St Asaph flood defence barriers put up in city

Customer: Natural Resources Wales
Location: St Asaph, Wales
Product: 0.5m Floodstop barrier

Keith Ivens, area flood risk manager for Natural Resources Wales, said: “We are working hard to improve the level of protection for people living in St Asaph and have already introduced a series of measures to do this until we are able to implement the long-term solution.

“These include removing vegetation from the riverbank, raising the existing embankment, putting new removable screens on Spring Gardens bridge, purchasing temporary barriers and reviewing our operating procedures.

North Wales Flood Barrier in place

“We have again part-installed the temporary flood barriers on top of the existing embankments, as we did last January, to cut down on the time it takes to install them if flooding threatens. These will remain in place again this winter to provide local people with a better level of protection.”

The barriers are left in place over the winter months on the crest of the river bank. The deployed barrier increases the height of the existing river bank at its lowest point.

Floodstop is an ideal solution due to it robustness and small footprint when deployed.  Fluvial Innovations supplied the system in dark green so that it was inkeeping with the surroundings.

Source: The Daily Post. 30.11.15

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