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Our Flood Defence Solutions

Unlike any other flood protection method or product, the award-winning FLOODSTOP flood barrier is a truly pragmatic flood defence system. FLOODSTOP has been specifically designed to:

Flood defence barrier
  • Be affordable and inline with current sandbagging costs
  • Provide rapid flood defences that can be deployed by one or two persons
  • Be a simple and easy flood defence solution for use by households, businesses and the public sector
  • Be deployed without the need for bolting or construction works
  • Supercede sandbags and sandbagging methods of flood protection
  • Be multi-functional within communities
  • The Floodstop flood defence barrier is perfect for 'blocking off' and protecting driveways or garage doors
CLICK HERE to watch a FLOODSTOP demonstration


Email us at info@fluvial-innovations.co.uk or CLICK HERE / Tel: 01202 678580

Let us know your requirements

Floodstop CAD Plans At Fluvial Innovations we offer a free computer aided design service for any flooding defence project, large or small. Simply let one of our team know your requirements (such as an aperture length) and we will create a plan and select the appropriate quantity, type and location for our award-winning flooding defence systems. If you would like us to produce a free flood protection plan for your property or business please do not hesitate to contact us on 01202 678580 or at info@fluvial-innovations.co.uk

Fluvial Innovations offers two unique rapid flood defence systems:

  • 0.5 metre high FLOODSTOP barrier. For details of this defence barrier please CLICK HERE
  • 0.9 metre high FLOODSTOP barrier. For details of this defence please CLICK HERE
To view a comprehensive datasheet detailing FLOODSTOP please CLICK HERE.

How much does it cost?

Our flood protection solutions are significantly more cost effective than competitor products. We pride ourselves on having developed innovative solutions that are not only pragmatic but are also affordable. FLOODSTOP flood barriers are a substitute to sandbagging techniques, in terms of cost and are far superior in terms of assembly and function. Contact us now on 01202 678580 or at info@fluvial-innovations.co.uk to obtain a price list or specific quotation.

"Research by the insurance industry has shown that half a metre of floodwater in a modern semi-detached house will result in an average cost of £15,000-£30,000 to repair the building and £9,000 to replace damaged belongings."
Insurance industry spokesperson

End of the line for sandbags!

Throughout the world, sandbags are still the first consideration when looking to protect a property or location from rising flood waters. However this should not be the case – sandbags rarely prove to be effective when assembling flood defences

Problems with sandbags:

  • Time consuming and labour intensive to assemble into flood defence barriers
  • Prone to leakage
  • Can only be used once, not reusable
  • Viral and bacterial infections often present in flood water get transposed onto the porous hessian sacks.

The Pitt Review

In the summer of 2007, Britain suffered devastating floods that cost the economy an estimated £3 billion. After the floods, Sir Michael Pitt was asked by British Ministers to conduct an independent review of the flooding that took place. The floods caused 13 deaths, affected nearly 50,000 homes and 7,000 businesses in England and involved more than 80 local authorities. His report set out glaring gaps in the UK's readiness to cope with widespread and prolonged flooding and he made 92 subsequent recommendations to make sure communities are better protected. Two of these recommendations made a direct reference to the use of sandbags as a flood defence measure. ES.49 – “…The Review was unable to obtain any significant evidence that sandbags were particularly effective during the 2007 summer floods in providing protection to individual households.” ES.50 – “…The general provision of sandbags should be phased out in favour of better products such as kite-marked flood boards, air bricks and other forms of temporary defence

The Government's Response

The Government’s response to the Pitt report supports changes in response to all of the recommendations in the review and commits the Government to take steps to effect these changes. The Government published the Draft Floods & Water Bill in 2009 as a response.