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Welcome to Fluvial Innovations – the sole provider of the innovative flood defence barrier – FLOODSTOP. Call us now on 01202 678580 for all your flood protection needs

We now have stocks of the Floodstop - flood defence barrier available for immediate hire at depot locations across the UK. For details contact us now on 01202 678580 or CLICK HERE.

Welcome to Fluvial Innovations, the flood protection specialists. Fluvial Innovations are the sole provider of the flood defence barrier FLOODSTOP. According to The Environment Agency, 1 in 6 UK homes are at risk of flooding. Flood defences provide vital protection against rising water and could save you thousands of pounds. FLOODSTOP -flood protection is a unique and innovative flood defence barrier that uses the rising floodwater to create flood protection. To view a comprehensive datasheet detailing FLOODSTOP please CLICK HERE.

We are a multi award-winning company that provides functional, economical flood defences for households, businesses and local authorities. At Fluvial Innovations we are passionate about making a real difference to individuals who suffer from the heartache of flood damage. FLOODSTOP - flood protection is a rapidly deployable flood  defence barrier that is used throughout the UK to protect utilities, businesses and households at risk from flooding. The Environment Agency has successfully deployed the flood on several occasions.

FLOODSTOP - flood defence barrier is more cost effective and more reliable than sandbags. In recent years, FLOODSTOP has won the Emergency Planning Society's Most Innovative Product of the Year Award. CLICK HERE to watch a demonstration of the flood defence barrier, FLOODSTOP

If you are a private householder or business, visit our Private Household and Business page to see how we can help you with flood prevention. If you represent a local authority, click our Local Authorities page to see the options available for flood defences. To find out more about how Fluvial Innovations can protect you from flooding, please contact us on 01202 678580 or email info@fluvial-innovations.co.uk for a free flood assessment.

Let us help you – CLICK HERE to find out more or call us on 01202 678580.